Meet Shea


My earliest childhood memories were sitting on a barstool at the Uptowner waiting for my mom to get off of work or sitting in the living room in the middle of the night eating left over lobster tails out of a to-go container because my mom brought it home to me after her shift at the Crown House.  Ive been in the restaurant business my whole life whether I knew it or not.  My mother and grandmother were both waitresses and running around a restaurant with no shoes on chasing my little brother was the norm.  My first job was at a golf course and when I graduated from high school and jumped into the work force as a white collared employee in a suit and tie everyday I quickly learned that business path was not for me.   All throughout high school I would throw parties at my grandparents house when they were out of town, making drinks for all my friends and friends


Action Sports

I grew up in the skatepark and at the beach.  It was only a matter of time for me to turn my hobbies into a business.   


Mixology Flaired

The Marketing Machine behind the greatest hospitality empire the world has ever seen.

Giving Back

The secret to living is giving.